Environmental advantage through biomethane

Biogas is considered an environmentally friendly energy source. It can be used to generate heat or as a fuel. Before biogas is fed into the natural gas grid, extensive upgrading is necessary. New, particularly selective membranes from Evonik convert raw biogas simply and efficiently into high-purity biomethane.

Biogas is produced by the fermentation of biomass - an organic substance, for example, from waste such as liquid manure and sewage sludge or from renewable raw materials. However, in addition to the energy carrier biomethane, raw biogas also contains carbon dioxide as well as other trace gases. The particularly selective SEPURAN® Green hollow fibre membrane from Evonik easily and efficiently upgrades raw biogas into high-purity biomethane that can be used to generate electricity and heat or as a fuel.

Biomethane - Renewable and climate neutral energy source

Evonik Industries has developed a technology for the cost- and energy-efficient separation of CO2. What looks like spaghetti or brushes at first glance are actually highly selective membranes made of several cylindrical hollow polymer fibres. They form the new hollow fibre membrane modules under the brand name SEPURAN® Green.