Gas separation

membrane systems for upgrading of biogas to biomethane

The SEPURAN® product family includes various membrane systems for gas separation for different applications. Every product was developed especially for the requirements of the respective application.

SEPURAN® membrane modules and cartridges consist of several thousand hollow fibres, which are made from high performance polymers and bundled in a stainless steel tube. The ends of the cartridge are embedded in a resin. The module or cartridge is then placed in a housing. A pressurized gas mixture can then be applied to the membrane system. As many membrane modules as required can be connected to each other depending on the application and the size of the plant.

The cartridge

The SEPURAN® Green cartridge system is a logical development of the module to lower weight and price and to increase manageability and practicability. The cartridge system consists of a membrane cartridge containing the hollow fibre membranes and a stainless steel housing for installation in the upgrading plant. The cartridge is installed in the housing and pressure is then applied. At present, our external partners manufacture the stainless steel housing for the SEPURAN® Green cartridges with consideration of the respective country-specific regulations. This allows plant construction companies to adapt flexibly to local pressurized equipment regulations. Housings for pressures of up to 20 bara and to 40 bara are available.

The module

In SEPURAN® Green modules, the resin joins the hollow fibre membranes firmly with the stainless steel housing to form one single functioning unit. Hollow fibre modules can withstand pressures of up to 20 bara. Although largely replaced by the cartridge system, the module is still available in a smaller two-inch version for pilot plants and very small projects.