SEPURAN® Noble membranes range
SEPURAN® Noble membranes range
Press release
May 18, 2022

Helium purificatoin

SEPURAN® Noble membrane was adopted as a purification device that efficiently recovers and concentrates helium exhausted during the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Separation membrane for collecting rare gas, SEPURAN® Noble, was adopted for Air Water Group Co., Ltd. [hereinafter referred to as AWP] (Head Office: Osaka, President: Shigeki Otsuka). This helium purification unit has already started operation at a major semiconductor manufacturer in Japan, and as a device for efficiently recovering and refining helium gas exhausted from the manufacturing process, it has a high reputation for performance from end users.

While helium gas is a rare gas with a tight supply worldwide, it is widely used in the semiconductor, electronic, medical fields, etc. in Japan, and it is an important rare resource that always raises depletion problems. SEPURAN ® Noble have already been adopted overseas in purification units that collect, refine, and reuse helium gas released during the optical fiber delineation process, and this is the first time in Japan that they have been adopted in the semiconductor field.

 Compared to other separation technologies, membrane separation requires less energy for operation, so running costs are cheaper, and the cost can be reduced with compact equipment with a small installation area with simple operation. On the other hand, there are still few highly selective membrane materials for gas separation on the market, and there has been no opportunity for membrane separation technology to be adopted.As an expert in specialty chemicals, Evonik has succeeded in commercializing SEPURAN® Noble using polymer materials with excellent gas separation performance with a consistent development system from materials to film materials.

Polyplastics-Evonik will continue to provide detailed technical support to our customers with the aim of realizing a sustainable society.

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