Organic solvent nanofiltration

Evonik's OSN membranes for natural and essential oils

Evonik's PuraMem® stand for innovative membranes for organic solvent nanofiltration. These OSN membranes provide efficient separations at near-ambient temperatures without the need for a phase change of the liquid feed.

Fractionation of crude extracts

Components derived from natural extracts (from fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs) are used in a variety of different industries, e.g. pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, flavor & fragrance, etc. due to their inherent properties and chemical diversity. Their use, however, as a crude extract often is not practical and the molecules of interest constitute only a small part of the extract. The use of Evonik’s OSN membranes with different cut-offs enables fractionation of the crude extracts according to MW or solubility of the molecules in (different) solvents and mixtures.

Natural oils processing - dewaxing and enrichment

Natural oils are widely used as additives in the food, beverages and cosmetic industries. They enrich the taste, flavor or fragrance of products. Their ingredients, however, should not affect the appearance and quality of the final goods. Unwanted compounds (e.g. waxes in citrus oils) can be removed with Evonik’s OSN membranes replacing conventional high-energy consuming technologies (e.g. crystallization).

Gentle separation

The separation with PuraMem® membranes is performed at gentle conditions (nearambient temperature) which maintains the bio-activity of natural components.

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