Readily Scalable Technology

We will accompany you throughout process development, from initial proof-of-concept to the proof-of-process. In addition to industrial upscaling to our PuraMem® poduct family, we also offer customized process development services and can provide customers with lab and pilot scale test equipment.


With our team of process engineers and our experience in process development, we offer comprehensive process solutions for your difficult separations using superior solvent stable membranes combined with customized process engineering solutions. A typical process implementation will go through three main steps

1. Proof of concept

The feasibility testing is done using flat sheet membranes and determines the best performing membrane for a specific application. For this initial testing, equipment such as the METcell, a dead-end filtration cell, or our CrossFlow system are used.

2. Proof of process

The proof of process is carried out in pilot trials using small spiral wound membrane modules. Equipment such as our BenchTop Unit are used for this stage of process development. The Bench-Top Unit uses manual in strumentation so that it can be easily installed in the laboratory environment in a normal fume cupboard. It is especially suitable for longer-term testing of membrane modules. During this proof-of-process stage, valuable data are gathered that allows the technical design of the commercial scale installation to be completed and the process economics to be accurately evaluated

3. Industrial implementation

Industrial implementation is the last stage, with full scale up of the process established in pilot trials. We provide the membranes and engineering assistance for the conceptualization, costing and building of a full industrial filtration set-up. For the industrial implementation we offer individual customerfocused application development projects. We have experienced OEM partners around the world that can provide state-of-the-art industrial installations.