Gas separation

Membrane technology for efficient upgrading of biogas to biomethane

SEPURAN® Green membranes provide stable performance of more than 10 years!

SEPURAN® Green membrane modules and cartridges consist of several thousand hollow fibres, which are made from high performance polymers and bundled in a stainless steel tube. The ends of the cartridge are embedded in a resin. The module or cartridge is then placed in a housing. A pressurized gas mixture can then be applied to the membrane system. As many membrane modules as required can be connected to each other depending on the application and the size of the plant.

The cartridge

The SEPURAN® Green cartridge system is a logical development of the module to lower weight and price and to increase manageability and practicability. The cartridge system consists of a membrane cartridge containing the hollow fibre membranes and a stainless steel housing for installation in the upgrading plant. The cartridge is installed in the housing and pressure is then applied. At present, our external partners manufacture the stainless steel housing for the SEPURAN® Green cartridges with consideration of the respective country-specific regulations. 

The module

The membrane module can now withstand a pressurised gas mixture in which multiple modules can be piped together. The simple, easy-to-handle set-up results in a compact upgrading plant.

At present, the stainless steel housings manufactured for the SEPURAN® Green cartridges are made to conform to the respective country-specific regulations. This allows plant construction companies to adapt flexibly to local pressurized equipment regulations. Housings for pressures of up to 20 bara (291 psia), 25 bara (363 psia) and 40 bara (580 psia) are available.

Today, Evonik offers SEPURAN® Green membranes and cartridge systems for biogas upgrading in various sizes. Choices of 4” or 6” diameter membranes are available for plants of all sizes.

Best-in-class membrane techology for efficient Biogas upgrading!

Separation performance

  • Highest yields through our highly efficient, patented process design resulting in higher profits
  • Lower number of membranes needed through high capacities leading to compact plant designs
  • High energy efficiency of whole process through superior membrane selectivity

Robustness and durability

  • High chemical and mechanical robustness of fibre respective membrane
  • Very high plant availability through high membrane lifetime: membrane itself is maintenance-free
  • Proven membrane lifetime of over 10 years
  • Performance easy to recover in case of contamination


  • Use of high-quality materials resulting in durability of the whole membrane (e.g., high performance polymers, stainless steel)
  • Resource-friendly production process incl. recycling of raw materials
  • Evonik production site running on 100% renewable energy sources

Technology leader

  • SEPURAN® Green membranes are part of a turnkey solution provided by market leading system integrators with superior technical standards and a unique design approach
  • Market leading technology with a field experience in more than a 1,000 upgrading units realized by our partners
  • Our partners benefit from a technical service platform with fast response times globally
  • Make-to-stock strategy to guarantee short lead times


Evonik boosts the chemistry of high-performance polymers into highly efficient gas separation membranes SEPURAN®.

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